Best Travel Books

Island of a Thousand Mirrors
Nayomi Munaweera

First published in 2012, this book is a fictional account of the very real Sri Lankan civil war that took place from 1983-2009.  The story follows the lives of two different girls, one Sinhala and one Tamil, whose people are fighting one another in the brutal war.  As insiders into the lives of both, we are able to see them grow up and struggle to hang onto their dreams of a normal life outside of the war.  Fighting to survive, they adapt to the demands the war has placed on their families, pulling them around the world, and eventually propelling them back towards each other in a dramatic twist of fate.

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An Embarrassment of Mangoes
Ann Vanderhoof

For my second wanderlust-inducing book I have chosen An Embarrassment of Mangoes.  I have recently (for the past year and a half or so) been completely obsessed with books that have something to do with quitting your job/school/life etc. and going on an epic adventure for a year or more.  I’m not sure what that specific genre is called (I like to call it #goals) and I have an entire shelf filled with books of similar substance.

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