Day 1: Amsterdam –> Antwerp

Hello friends,

Who knew that in the blink of an eye 2 1/2 months can go by and you have not even finished informing your fantastic readers of the wonders of Antwerp.  That’s what happens when you work full-time and and also do part-time research on the side and are taking certification classes and trying to have a social life and also time to relax and go to the gym and read the books you want to read and explore the new state you’ve moved to etc etc.  Life is busy.  Just stay with me until I am a full-time travel writer and can update you in more acceptable intervals.

Despite the fact that I have been back for over two months and my mom just came back as well two weeks ago, I will still, slowly but surely, tell you about the great time I had in Belgium.

Picking up from where I left off, we took the bus from Amsterdam to Antwerp.  It was about a two-hour drive and I must admit, the route into the city did not feature the most attractive sites, giving me an feeling of dislike.  However, the more we went into the city center, the more my opinion changed.  One of the first sights to greet us was the Central Station, the #1 thing to see in Antwerp, and arguably one of the most elaborate and beautiful buildings in the city.  While I was entranced by the sheer magnitude of the station, I was also exhausted, and therefore promised myself that I would intentionally come back to the station early enough before my next train for the sole purpose of exploring that station.

We walked the short distance to my mom’s apartment, upon which seeing I will fully admit I was overcome with a combination of jealousy, awe, and the feeling of never wanting to leave.  Simply put, it was amazing.  Location, style, size, views, etc. it was essentially ideal.  And very very far from my living conditions abroad in Malta.

The view from my mother’s apartment on the Meir

We ate dinner at De Kliene Post, a restaurant in the Groenplaats (Green Place), a square that houses some of the old marketplace infrastructure.  I ate vol au vent, a dish of French origin, that is essentially a fancy chicken pot pie.  It came with meatballs, frites (fries) and Belgian beer and was a delicious start to my exploration of Belgian food.

Yes the photos are red as we were sitting outside under the glow of a heat lamp.  It was cold but just warm enough to allow us to eat outdoors at 7pm in Belgium in February.  Any glimmer of mildly increased temperatures and it is taken advantage of.

After finishing dinner, we made a quick circuit around the square and headed back to the apartment so I could continue to try to defeat my jet lag.


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