Ehrenfeld- Cologne’s trendiest neighborhood

Hello all!  I am back from my European adventure.  While I have a lot to write about, I unfortunately do not have the time to do so as I am no longer on vacation.  But do not fret! The time will come I assure you when I will share all of my thoughts and experiences on travel through Amsterdam, Belgium, and Cologne.

I did want to share something with you though as there is so much to share.  My weekend in Cologne (Koln) Germany, was filled with trying lots of German beer (jk they only drink Kolsch), exploring old castles at night, and walking the streets in search love locks.  However, Sunday morning when most of the shops and cafes were closed, we set out for the neighborhood of Ehrenfeld (thanks to Travels of Adam and the Facebook page Street Art Ehrenfeld) to look for the famed murals that cover Ehrenfelder Bahnhof (the train station) and other sidestreets of the neighborhood.

The Goldmund, a completely awesome (and open) cafe, provided us with great cappuccino and knowledge behind the murals.  They started as a community project by some school groups and have grown to spread throughout the neighborhood, covering walls, buildings, street posts, and sidewalk tiles.  The cafe has great character itself as the exterior features colorful glass tile, while the inside walls are lined with shelves of books, ranging from novels to travel guides detailing every corner of the world.  In fact, it’s a verified Book Crossing location, in which books you can label and track books as they get shared around the world.  Don’t expect to go for a quite coffee and some casual reading however, because Sunday mornings in Ehrenfeld leave you with few other options, and Goldmund was running a fast business, with every table full of chattering friends and family while servers rushed by with clattering plates piled high with pastries and quiches, steaming cups of espresso, and creamy lattes topped with cream.


On other days, you can find numerous cafes, trendy shops selling up-cycled houseware, apparel, and accessories, and art galleries or studios.  Ehrenfeld is no doubt a lively and vibrant neighborhood full of artistic expression and hipster vibes, and is certainly worth spending some time exploring.

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