Europe round two!

Hi friends!  I know I have been very bad at updating you all on my travels, because despite my lack of writing, there have not been a lack of topics to write about!  The fact is, as we all know, that life is crazy and busy and we just can’t do everything.  But now I’ve been given the gift of time, as I am sitting in the world’s busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) and waiting for my connecting flight to Amsterdam.  Either you don’t remember or I didn’t write about it, but about ten months ago when I was still in Malta and beginning to think about finding my way back home, I ended up buying a round-trip ticket back to Virginia as it was considerably cheaper than purchasing a one-way trip.  I also strategically scheduled the tail end of my round-trip to occur during the time when my mom would be living abroad in Belgium for a semester through a program JMU has with the University of Antwerp.  So fast-forward ten months later and here we are; just like that it’s time to go!

So the plan is as follows:

I will be meeting my mom in Amsterdam where we will be staying on a houseboat (!) and hanging for a few days and then we will head back to Antwerp for the week.  She has been there for a few weeks now so she can show me all the cool hang out spots to visit while she is working, and we also have some fun activities planned for the both of us.  My last few days in town we will head to either Germany or France to spend the weekend.  No we do not yet know exactly where or when but that’s the beauty of travel.

I wanted to give a basic run down of the schedule to provide a little context into what I will hopefully be able to publish throughout my time there, and certainly within a timely manner of returning to the US.  I would love to provide live updates just because that seems cool to me, even if I am the only one who thinks so.  But if I am unable to do so, which is likely because travel is absolutely exhausting (from all the fun) I would really appreciate it if you checked out my Instagram, because that is the one thing that I can ensure will be updated daily with my travel photos, experiences, thoughts, and unfortunate disasters.  My most recent post is shared below- enjoy!

I also promise to share my experiences from Pittsburgh with you from back in November (I can’t even believe it’s been that long that I’ve been writing that post) and from D.C. in December.  I also have failed to share that I have moved to Charlotte, NC where I am exploring new places every week and have many cool things to share.  Until then, thank you for reading!




So here’s to moving to Charlotte and realizing your passport is missing and freaking out and canceling it and applying for a new one and finding the old one after it’s too late and still having to pay for a new one to be expedited and not being able to use your old one with all the awesome stamps. But also here’s to getting a new passport that has twice as many pages because you’re a ~frequent traveler~ Here’s to blank pages for new adventures. And here’s to finally using the tail end of that round trip ticket I bought ten months ago when I came home from Malta. And here’s to a beautiful new leather passport holder made by Artesanal Custom Lab and here’s to seeing my mom in Amsterdam in less than 24 hours! ✈️🇲🇹💚


2 thoughts on “Europe round two!

  1. Have a great trip, Rachel! Say hello to your mom for me and enjoy your time exploring some new places. And, may the travel logistics be VERY uneventful!


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