Throwback Thursday 

I’m usually not one for excessive hashtags or social media posts, but there are two things that I love- traveling and photography- that prompt me to use both, usually via Instagram, and allow me to live in the past by reminiscing on previous adventures and admiring my own photos. It is for that reason that I like #throwbackthursday. And so I posted a photo on Instagram with that in mind but then decided I would share it here as well. 

Probably because it’s a photo from my second trip to Jamaica, something I have not written about here, and so I wanted to share a little glimpse of that experience. But also maybe it’s because of the photo itself, and the good message it shares. It’s very simple, but the time and place in which it was taken was so important, and it’s still relevant today. In fact, I don’t think it will ever not be relevant. So enjoy some positive vibes below and feel free to share your own happy throwback thoughts as well!


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