Stage 1: Euphoria

As previously mentioned, the first few days of my time in Malta have been straight up fun.  We have walked around, explored the city, tried new foods and restaurants, seen absolutely beautiful views, and essentially been on a non-stop high fueled by excitement, adrenaline, and exhaustion.

We have moved into our permanent housing locations for the year, gotten new roommates, become comfortable in our group of friends, gone on bus tours and boat excursions, spent entire days at the beach, and walked up and down the coastlines.

Roughly 90% of our time here so far has been spent doing what was mentioned above, while the other 10% has consisted of orientation, which has included the bus tours and boat rides, so not entirely academically oriented.  We are still facing another week of orientation, and then the real world begins.  So far, we have spent our time here feeling as though we are on a long, while slightly strange (considering we are with a bunch of people we just met) vacation in the Mediterranean, seeing the sights and tasting the culture.

As our advisor told us on our first day of orientation, the first stage is one of euphoria.  We are living a life that doesn’t seem real to us.  It still has not sunk in that this isn’t vacation and that I will in fact be here for the next nine months.  Despite signing a lease on a house, buying groceries, cooking my own meals, and going to campus, how can this possibly be real life?

Eventually reality will sink in and we will all face the facts that we are indeed here for school, to gain higher education, and learn.  Until that time comes, here are a few pictures of the wonderfully blissful life I’m so fortunate to have been living here in Malta.

2015-09-03 13.37.44-1 2015-09-03 18.14.28 2015-09-04 10.43.30 2015-09-04 11.37.22 2015-09-04 14.29.58 2015-09-04 16.00.18 2015-09-04 17.24.11 2015-09-04 17.35.00 2015-09-05 19.33.17 2015-09-06 07.19.19


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