The past few days we have been staying in the capital city of Rabat. We visited several local universities and attended different lectures and conferences concerning citizenship and women’s right in Morocco and within the Islam faith. It has been such a cool experience to hear viewpoints from people from different backgrounds who have first-hand experience with these types of issues while being in a cross-cultural and multi-lingual setting.

Yesterday we ate dinner at one of the program leader’s house. We had a special guest, Dr. Kasem, the President of the Syrian Human Rights Council. This was an awesome experience to hear him talk about the knowledge he’s gained from working directly with NGOs and Syrian people and refugees.

Today we had free time in the evening. We walked around the medina and shopped and toured. We got to see a lot of local food and clothing and authentic culture as a lot of local Moroccans shop there.

Medina basically means “city” and refers to the old or downtown part of a city. It was basically organized chaos and is confined within a huge wall. The inside is full of narrow streets and mazes and it’s really easy to get lost.

At one point we were turned around and weren’t sure how to get where we were trying to go, and we miraculously ran into the one lady in Morocco that we knew. She was the mother of the program leader whose house we ate at last night and she had cooked for us. We were so happy to see her and she was so sweet and helpful in getting us where we needed to go.

Rabat is full of culture. Everyone speaks French or Arabic, there are people from all over Africa and Europe, and lots of people pass through, resulting in a very vibrant and lively city.












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