What is this about?

From May 26-June 26 I, along with 16 other Virginia Tech students, will be traveling to Morocco, Turkey, and Sri Lanka in an effort to better understand the three cultures in which we immerse ourselves.  The trip is sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies at Virginia Tech and focuses on combining each of our unique backgrounds and studies to work together along with those we encounter abroad.

To sum it up a bit better, here is an excerpt from the 21st Century Studies Blog:

“No matter how carefully we read good essays, watch films, see slides, hear music, taste food from afar, video-skype with friends from afar, our heads are still locked into where our bodies have been sitting all our lives. You have to get out there and see for yourselves what it’s like to live in the grain and texture of daily life in cultures that work by logics different from what you’ve always assumed was just “human nature.”

Each summer we pick three places to go that will immerse us in different articulations of the local and the global. We’ll watch, listen, learn, and pitch in to help grassroots efforts to reinvent how one society in particular negotiates its way through the complications of life in this century. You won’t hit these cultures cold: during the spring 2104 course, we’ll use many essays, stories, photos, and films, just to name a few of our resources, that will give you a sense of what you might encounter. But life is not a photo album: Nomadic Studies takes you into the middle of others’ lives so you can experience alongside them just how they’re reinventing their societies.”

To learn even more about the program, follow this link to the blog:



Stay tuned about the trip and my experiences while abroad!


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